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How to find the best eyewear for water sports.

There is much documented evidence of the damage the sun does to eyes.


An eye with a cataract An eye with a pterygium

Too much sun on the eye has been shown to be related to pterygiums and cataracts. The sun on the water can be even worse. It is very important to protect your eyes in the water.

Do your eyes look like the eye above right that has a pterygium?
Doctors say that the most important disease to protect your eyes against is Melanoma, which is a cancer of the eye.

There are a few sunglasses on the internet advertised for surfing.

After much research, here is what I found out:

1. A leash is a good idea if you are beyond the beginner stage, otherwise a floating pair may be better than a leash.

2. Good air flow is key if you are in cooler water - 65 degrees and lower.

3. There is not one sunglass that will work for everyone, so look at a few different styles or a company that offers multiple styles.

4. If you want a prescription, you may be limited in the styles that are available to you. Thicker prescriptions require a flatter frame front with less wrap.

5. Beware of deceptive patent claims. If a company claims a patent on their technology, make sure you ask for the patent number. If it starts with a “D”, such as D6001854, than it is a design patent and offers no functionality.
Ask who holds the patent. If the selling company doesn’t hold the patent, then it may just be a commonly available item that is licensed out to many people, such as velcro.

The best company that I have come across is Silverfish surf sunglasses for Water and Extreme Sports

Best of Luck!